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How to arrange for a visit

English language guided tours for schools, student groups or other groups of visitors are held from Monday to Friday throughout the year, except August.


Each 1hr long guided tour is free of charge and offers visitors the opportunity to discover the Assembly Hall, as well as to learn about Modern Greek history, the form of government in Greece, parliamentary procedures and the history of the Hellenic Parliament building.


Book your visit at at least 15 days in advance.


  • Register all pertinent information regarding your group (the name of the school, university, association etc, country, name of the qroup’s head, his/her e-mail, his/her mobile phone and passport number (or of other valid ID). State the date you wish to visit the Parliament.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail no later than 7 days prior to your visit.
  • On the day of the visit, please be 10 min earlier at the visitors’ entrance to the Parliament at 2 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue. The head of the group should have his/her passport or other valid ID card and a list with the names of all visitors.


  • If a member of the group has special needs or requires extra assistance please inform us.
  • Each visiting group will be limited to 20 people. 
  • There is no formal dress code, but please make sure that you are decently dressed.
  • During the tour, all members of the group are obliged to cooperate with the Parliament personnel and comply with their instructions.
  • The tour schedule may be changed to accommodate parliamentary proceedings and official events.


Attend a plenary sitting

To attend a plenary sitting, an entry permit needs to be secured. Please call (only Friday) the Parliament Police and Security Agency (210 -370 7150) or contact one of the Parliamentary Groups (by dialing 210 3707000 one of the operators will put you through).

The number of invitations they hand out is limited.


Visit the Library

The Main Library – Parliament Building (Syntagma Square) is open to the public:

Weekdays: 9 am to 14:00 pm and 17:30 pm- 8:30 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 14:00.

The City Library - Former Public Tobacco Factory – Lenormant St. 218 is open to the public:

Monday and Wednesday 9:00-18:00, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00-15:00, Saturday 9:00-14:00


For further information, please contact the Library (210 3707227). 


Contact details:

Parliament call center: (+3-0210-3707000), Fax: (+3-0210-3733566),

Address: Parliament Mansion (Megaro Voulis), GR-10021, Athens


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