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1821 - 2021

The Greek Revolution in the cultural activities of the Hellenic Parliament Foundation

The Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy actively participates in the bicentenary celebrations. The Greek Revolution led to the creation of the Greek state, aspiring to serve the ideals of liberty and independence. Moreover, the Hellenic Parliament was the first public institution which has systematically worked, since the mid-nineteenth century, to establish the history and memory of the struggle for independence. Thus, the Hellenic Parliament Foundation, honouring this long tradition, has undertaken a series of activities, intended to stand out for their pluralism and authority. These activities also seek to highlight the significance of the Revolution as an endeavour inspired by the democratic ideals of its times, an endeavour which implemented these ideals in novel institutions and in the nation-state that it established. 


Beholding Liberty!  At the Hellenic Parliament - two centuries later


The Exhibition «Beholding Liberty! At the Hellenic Parliament, 2 centuries later», focuses on testimonies of high historical and artistic value, in order to reconstruct intellectually and emotionally the supreme asset of the Revolution of 1821, Liberty, offering to the visitors, men and women, privileged access to the events that led to its attainment.